Let's be real: Women are the most effective solution for combating hunger

Women form the backbone of the agricultural sector in many countries and play a key role in getting food onto the table. In honour of International Women's Day, this video pays tribute to the women who are the key to ending world hunger.If you haven't already, send a message of solidarity: wfp.org/women...more

My Trip to Haiti: First Impressions of the Aftermath and the Children

I got to Jacmel today.We left Miami early this morning and flew in to Port au Prince. I'm not sure what I expected - but the scene at the airport was crazy. I was told that it wasn't all that different from normal. The gates were completely swamped with people - all of them wanted to help us, so we would tip them. ...more


As someone who just returned from Haiti, my best unwarranted advice is to ...more

Chile Earthquake – Epicenter {My Heart}

Andrea Bahamondes http://thenakedelephant.net/ ...more

Sustainable Architecture and A Bit of Hope for Haiti

I am interested in living in a circular or dome shaped home. I like the idea of not living in a box. I researched the concept and found that there were companies that constructed geodesic and dome homes. The problem came when trying to figure out if a city or county would permit the building of a non-traditional home. ...more

See, I think we could start this in our own back yard - the East Coast, the Rust Belt and ...more

BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Fame: Demon Sheep, Nude on the Red Carpet and Dudes vs. Vampire TV

This week in BlogHer's Wall of Shame (and Fame): Beyonce sports a lovely shade of white chick, while demon sheep flock to GOP politics ... More of BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Fame: "Now with Wings," Tots in Heels, Just Lie Back and Think of Canada ...more

Or should I say, the filmgrrrrl in me (as was my handle in college) is really routing for ...more

Machu Picchu Flooding & Evacuated Tourists

Police in Peru say they have airlifted the last of the tourists stranded near the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu after floods destroyed road and rail links. Nearly 1,300 travellers were flown out by helicopters on Friday, a local policeman told the Associated Press. A total of nearly 4,000 tourists and local residents have now left the area following last Sunday's heavy flooding. --BBC ...more

would you mind updating your blog with more information? to find more information about Machu ...more

Haitian Kids: people or puppies?

Haitian children wait in a police car after a group of Americans was stopped trying to take them out of the country. Photograph: Reuters (guardian.co.uk They're so cute in the pictures. ...more

Understanding the Stories Behind the Stories From Haiti

How do we know the truth of what is happening in Haiti - especially those of us who are in the global north and west, our perceptions shaped by a tragic history, largely unknown, in which our governments have often been complicit? As the immediate rescue effort becomes a sustained task of recovery how do we know when ideology and naked self-interest warp news accounts and recovery efforts? ...more

Whether you just graduated or you’ve been a paralegal for many years, learning to market ...more

Crisis Camps - Tech Community Reaches Out to Haiti

If the political is personal, so too can the technological be....more