Let's be real: Women are the most effective solution for combating hunger

Women form the backbone of the agricultural sector in many countries and play a key role in getting food onto the table. In honour of International Women's Day, this video pays tribute to the women who are the key to ending world hunger.If you haven't already, send a message of solidarity: wfp.org/women...more

The Religious Great Equalizer: Devaluation of Women

Three recent stories from the Middle East reminded me that people may use religion and culture against women in different ways, but at the end of the day, they are really the same. If we look at these stories and see the threads of commonality rather than casting one culture/religion as "bad for women" while others are "good," I think feminists can find new ways to work together to solve global problems. When women and girls are abused anywhere in the globe - be it the U.S. or Pakistan or Russia or Bolivia - because she transgressed against some social norm, the roots of the violence turn out to be the same (patriarchal control), as these stories show. ...more

Thanks Mata.  I love that quote and I'd never heard of The Elders before.  The ...more

The War in Iraq

This Friday Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, took the stand at the official inquiry into the Iraq war. The UK people have been demanding this inquiry for some time, and now the question regarding the legality of the UK entering into the war in Iraq with the United States in 2002 is finally being addressed....more

Would a Fifth UN Women's Conference Make a Difference?

Jean Shinoda Bolen is asking you to sign a petition for a Fifth UN World Conference on Women. Said petition would be delivered to the UN Secretary-General, to the chair of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and to the woman who will be appointed to head the new women's "super-agency" in March 2010. Shinoda Bolen explains: ...more

Dear Mr. Harry Reid...

Dear Mr. Reid,The comments you made were despicable and dishonorable.  To refer to Mr. Obama as having a better chance of winning the election, because he could basically stop sounding "Negro" at will is simply unbelievable. ...more

Where is Iran's Protest Movement Going?

Anti-government protests show no signs of abating in Iran despite mass arrests and killings of protesters, leading some observers to wonder whether the Islamic fundamentalist regime is in danger of losing its legitimacy.  However, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmidinejehad says it's all just a plot cooked up by the United States, Europe and Israel.  (Al Jazeera)...more

From Sotomayor to The Cost of Being Female: Feminism in 2009

The end of the year is for reflection.  I like to take a look back at all the feminism & gender issues I covered for BlogHer.  Since it's hard for me to remember what happened an hour ago, let alone in July or, heaven forbid, January, this is an important exercise for me. It reminds me what feminists accomplished, what still needs to be done, and what I'll can only laugh about or else I'll be curled up in the fetal position whimpering.  This year, I sorted stories by topic. 1sts ...more

Given how much I missed and my own personal biases on the issues, I would love if people ...more

Israeli Women Forced to the Back of the Bus

I've been so depressed lately by the news (Afghanistan, health care reform denying women reproductive rights, New York State Senate defeating gay marriage, etc., etc.) that it is almost hard to get my blood boiling these days. An email I received from the New Israel Fund changed that. When I learned that some public buses in Jerusalem force women to enter through the back door, sit in the back, and "dress modestly" in order to board I immediately wanted to go there, get on a bus in my sluttiest outfit (which is actually pretty modest to everyone but religious fanatics), and protest. Of course, I'd then be subjected to verbal and physical abuse by evil men who like to think that they are God, when really they are just oppressors who misinterpret their religious texts to benefit themselves. ...more

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Climate Change: Fighting Hunger

We live in a changing world.We live in an uncertain world.We live in a HUNGRY world. Helping people help themselves. Turning Hunger into Hope. Because the future is now.To find out more: http://www.wfp.org/climate-change  ...more

Video Competition Bytes Back for the Hungry

 We reached a historic high this year, albeit an unwelcome one: for the first time ever, over a billion people will be chronically hungry.“More than a billion people don’t know where their next meal will come from, and things are getting worse, not better,” said Nancy Roman, Director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnerships at the World Food Programme.And while the number of hungry people has reached 1 billion, the number of people at risk from climate and weather-related disasters has increased to 2.6 billion . ...more