The Body Shop Teams Up With Cambodian Anti-Slavery Activist Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam is a vocal activist in the fight against child sex trafficking industry in Cambodia.   ...more

These days there is an increase in the movement to make critical choices in the products we ...more

Ethnographers That Record A Changing World

Shi Pei Pu died July 2, 2009. If you boil the story down to the essentials this is a story about a man who pretended to be a woman who fooled another man into loving him. He was the real life person that inspired the play and the movie "M Butterfly." Ethnographically speaking, it is a journey into many lands where I am an outsider trying to understand. ...more

I finished the memoir, Crabcakes, by Jame Alan McPherson.  He has several chapters ...more

Confessions of a Confinement Victim


Update: Samantha Orobator Found Guilty in Laos, Sentenced to Life

(A follow-up from my post on May 7th) ...more

 The notion that this young woman somehow got herself pregnant in prison is passing strange. ...more

Tamil Canadian Protests: Do Social Demonstrations Threaten Multiculturalism?

Last weekend, it was announced that the Sri Lankan millitary had defeated the Tamil Tigers, seizing control of the island's coastline for the first time in 25 years. Fellow Blogher CE Singdha has posted an excellent look at the relevance of what this means not only to Tamil's but the future of the relationship between India and Sri Lanka. ...more

Best plants for clean air

I just read an interesting post on Apartment Therapy, which described the best three plants everyone should have in their home or office. The post is entitled "Hot Tip: The Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality," and offers advice from Indian researcher Kamal Meattle. ...more

Pregnant British Woman Jailed in Laos

Samantha Orobator is a 20 year-old Nigerian-born British woman who was arrested last August on suspicion of trafficking heroin in Laos. If found guilty, she could face execution by a firing squad. It took months for British officials to learn that she was in jail and currently, the prison has not allowed her lawyer to visit her. ...more

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Contributing ...more

Marital Rape Abroad and At Home

A new national law in non-Taliban Afghanistan now says that unless a wife is ill, she is "obliged to fulfill the sexual desires of her husband." That is the law of the land, signed by President Hamid Karzai. ...more

I saw this a while back and think it's horrible. I didn't know about the case on Maryland. ...more

Reflections on an interesting life, or building a global education business!

Why blog? I've wanted to give it a try for ages so when a colleague came across BlogHer I saw my chance. I came to the conclusion recently that I have a pretty interesting life at the moment. It's not an exceptional life and it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I hope to use this blog to reflect on what's happening and perhaps interact with others. ...more

Hello Gena,

You can't imagine how excited I was to find your posting. This is a red ...more

International Women's Day 2009

"Hey, I just found out today is International Women's Day," Julie, my friend since the 4th grade, emailed me on Sunday. "Why don't I feel more special today?" Although International Women's Day was founded in the US nearly 100 years ago, many Americans these days are as unaware of the event as my generally wise and politically savvy friend. However, women all over the world celebrated the day in different ways. ...more

Julie Clawson at onehandclapping ...more