What's wrong with this show?

No, the answer is not "It's on ABC Family." ...more

"What do they want us to do? Lie down and shut up?"

Malaysia is a moderate muslim country. It may be slipping away though, with the ruling party being strongly challenged by a more radical oppositon. This from the AP: State censors say books give misleading view of religion; move slammed by group of Muslim female activists who published one of them: 'Does that mean women cannot even discuss extremism?' ...more

Celebrate the Olympics in Beijing by Cooking Chinese Food at Home!

While everyone watches the Olympics from China, doesn't it seem like Chinese food should be on the menu? When I wrote about Eating in Beijing, I promised to share some tips about Chinese Cooking for those watching the games at home. I've also found some amazing Chinese dishes created by other food bloggers in honor of the Olympics, so get ready to cook something Chinese! ...more

You're welcome! Your food always looks so delicious. Can't wait to see that recipe. I ...more

Destiny Productions Opens

July 21, 2008 Today was one of those days that restores my faith in humanity. Destiny Productions is officially open! We have rented out the Thomas Clayton Center and moved in our sewing machines, fabric, and most importantly, fans!   ...more

Day After Tomorrow

Arriving in Kathmandu was like a breath of fresh air, literally. The pollution here is bad, but not nearly as bad as in Kolkata this time of year. And the production center, where I'll be living the next two weeks, is on the outskirts of the city in a lovely purple house. There's a gorgeous terrace on the top floor, which on a clear day provides a scenic view of Kathmandu Valley. ...more

A Disputed Temple and a Broken Heart

Start with one ancient temple crouched on a disputed border, wrap in a questionable French map, sprinkle with dodgy politicians, stir in a pending Khmer election, lather the whole mix up with some Thai political opportunism, then complete with a few hundred armed soldiers, ASEAN and a World Heritage listing. There you have it: one well-done Preah Vihear.--Unwrapped Travel ...more

Women in Malaysia

This isn't exactly what we want to be seeing happen in a country that's been one of the most pluralistic among the SE Asian countries. The Headline says it all, "Muslim council in Malaysia orders women to stop wearing lipstick and high heels to 'prevent them getting raped'.  ...more

For The Love Of Children: Help Us With The China Earthquake Effort

Every time I open the newspaper or click open a news feed these days, my heart breaks. Breaks. War, crime, natural disaster: there's always something. And in recent days in particular, with the death toll in Burma climbing while authorities there continue to stymie aid efforts, and now the earthquake in China... I can barely stand to open the newspaper or follow the news links because I know that I'm going to have to hold my breath and press my fists to my eyes to keep from crying. ...more

Food Crisis: Being more thankful, more thoughtful and less wasteful

[Updated to add Mad Momma's wonderful post on ways to curb wastage]. ...more

BlogHer is run by some really smart women here, and I am happy to be part of this family ...more

BlogHers Act and Other Ways to Help Myanmar Cyclone Victims

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar last weekend devastating five regions. Channel NewsAsia reported that more than 22,000 people are dead with another 41,000 missing. Hundreds of thousands are now homeless. The media reports are horrific. "Witnesses described images of rice field littered with corpses." Save the Children, one of the few relief agencies allowed to operate in-country, said the toll would rise sharply in the coming days as more victims were found in difficult to reach areas. The photos, videos, and blog reports are giving us vivid citizen accounts. Global Voices, South Asia Editor, Mong Palatino, offers this round up of what blogs in the region are reporting, including these eye witness accounts. ...more