Burma - this news sent at great risk

We have been given two pieces of communication that have been sent in secret out of Burma at great personal risk to the sender. The first describes the atmosphere in Rangoon. That is printed below. The second is a much larger piece describing the conditions in the new capital city which has been built by the junta in the middle of the jungle, far away from 'the people'. ...more

The more people the better, however small each audience. Thanks for joining in. ...more

Fear, a crappy habit

I’m back home. Washington state was great - I got to hang out with my parents and see cousins and aunts and uncles I haven’t seen in a long time. Now it’s back to real life. The Economist magazine was here waiting for me. The cover is a picture of monks in Burma (Myanmar) praying. The cover reads, “Burma’s saffron revolution.” I know very little about Burma http://ipreferuphill.wordpress.com/2007/10/03/fear-a-crappy-habit/ ...more

Burma - and the obligation to speak the truth


I posted on political prisoner Myo Min Zaw. Thank you so much for letting us get the word ...more

Death count climbs in Burma, while information shuts down.

It is hard to know what is actually going on in Burma. The Burmese government has reportedly shut down all internet access and all cell phones. The Daily Mail reports hundreds, perhaps thousands of jailings and adds: ...more

The Clinton Global Initiative - Maternal Health and A Final Round-Up

At the Clinton Global Initiative, I got into a conversation with a reporter (from a big U.S. media outlet) about the statistics on maternal health, a recurring topic of the three day event – that more than 500,000 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications every year -- and he said, "Isn't that a form of population control that the world needs?" ...more

I think that comment absolutely highlights the cultural misogyny that persists despite feminism. ...more

Free Burma: International Bloggers Day on October 4th

Free Burma Free Burma! International Bloggers' Day is on the 4th of October International bloggers are preparing an Internet action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. They want to set a sign for freedom and show support for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons.  Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and will just put up one graphic with the words "Free Burma" and link to the site.  Anyone can join the list of participants.  Also remember that it takes a lot more than putting up one blog post to make a difference.  Take action - sign a petition or follow any of these links to more information. Why is Sopheap wearing a red shirt? ...more

Buddhist Monks and Nuns shot at for protesting in Burma

Imagine a long road lined with spectators. For as far as the eye can see, fill the road with 20,000 monks and nuns in saffron robes, walking, quietly asking for compassion from the military junta of Burma. The further they walk, the more spectators join them. Eventually the crowd is at least 100,000 strong. ...more

With you, Erin and I all on the alert out here, we should be able to give good visibility to ...more

Live-blogging the Clinton Global Initiative with Former President Clinton, Angelina and Brad

Here's some of what's happening today at the Clinton Global Initiative ... 10:03 - They've just announced the names of all the heads of state who are here today (52 of them), representing 72 countries. Former President Clinton just came on stage. "More than 600 commitments have been made. 20 mllion tons of greenhouse gases avoided, 3 million more micor-entrepreneurs have accessed capital." ...more

A couple of other points. I LOVE www.womenforwomen.org -- it's AMAZING, and everyone should go ...more

BlogHers, Gender Blogging, and Linux Chix in Cambodia!

Click To Play Here a round up of some the fabulous women Bloghers in Cambodia and Linux Chix that I met. ...more

Meet A Cambodian BlogHer: Sopheap Chak

photo by Oso Sopheap blogs at ifocus with the tagline “three dimensions of life.” She is the Advocacy and Public Relation Officer for the Cambodian Center for Human Rights.    She has worked for that NGO for almost two years.  She started her blog this year in May, 2007 because it was an opportunity for self-expression. Her blog covers social, political, and economic global issues from the perspective of young Cambodian professional.   She is also a terrific live blogger!  I am grateful for her detailed notes from the Cambodian Bloggers Summit.  She also lead the session on "Gender and Blogging" (I will post a summary of that session as soon as I recover from jet lag!) Why did you start to blog? ...more