Garment Workers and Clean Clothes

It must have been some sort of online coincidence that I read two different stories about girls working in Bangladeshi garment factories. ...more

Invisibility might help on South Asian Streets

Yesterday through Melinda Casino's post, I found the Blank Noise Project which featured a Blog-a-thon to highlight problems due to eve-teasing. This project currently runs in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Eve teasing is essentially a range of activities, practised by men, targeting women, and is a broad term that could mean anything from butt pinching to breast squeezing or ripping duppattas off. Yes, in this day and age, in a country that is supposedly entering world stage, these things happen. Reading through the comments on the BNP page brought back bitter memories of personal humiliations. ...more

Namaste, Aadaab, Vanakkam, Hello!

Hello Everyone This is my first entry as South East Asian editor for Blogher. This entry has been brewing for a few days, I just wasn't sure what what a first entry should really be. That, and feminine vanity that wonders just which picture I should upload, so it looked good, but still didn't look as if I was trying too hard. Just a second ago I decided what better way to welcome everyone into our part of the world than to title the entry with hellos in various languages that I'm faintly good at. If you speak other languages, please feel free to drop by and say hello in your own language. As St. Patrick might or might not have said, the more the merrier :) ...more

Welcome, DesiGal.