Torsion is Better Than Cancer

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I was too worried to concentrate.

My friend Sweet Pea was on a gig far from home when she had monster pain in her abdomen. She has PCOS and it felt like another cyst was busting, which is hella ouchy. She took herself to an urgent care center and they did an ultrasound.

The doctor made a frowny face.

Sweet Pea had a mass on her right ovary the size a child’s fist. He told her to get herself home pronto and make an emergency appointment with an oncologist. Home was unfortunately a 12 hour drive away and she was in a lot of “discomfort”, which is what doctors call it when you are in agony. It was all the not good.

Thankfully, Sweet Pea was surrounded by people who think she is the bee’s knees and jumped in to help. The orchestra coordinator for the gig has an ex-husband/friend who is an oncologist, and he got Sweet Pea in to see a gynecological oncologist this morning. The Gyn/Oncologist looked at the radiology report and said she thinks it is probably ovarian torsion and a cyst rather than a cancerous tumor. She’ll check while she is rooting around inside Sweet Pea.

Torsion of the ovary is a painful, surgery-requiring illness with lots of recovery time so it ain’t fun … but it ain’t cancer. Thus, I am rooting for Sweet Pea to be afflicted with a screwed ovary (a twisted sister?).

Please feel free to join me in hoping my dear friend has torsion of the ovary. You may use the emotional/spiritual hoping of your choice.

I’ll let y’all know when I know, okay?


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