Tortilla Soup Has NO Calories

Okay, technically tortilla soup does have calories, but I'm a bit amazed at how few.  The chicken broth base has next to nothing.  The gobs of vegetables we added has next to nothing.  The chicken we cooked and threw in is really what did it and even that was pretty minimal for an evening meal.  Of course, tortillas in tortilla soup could certainly up the calories, but we forgot to put those in and never even noticed they were missing- the soup was THAT good.

So this starts opening up the world of foods for me.

My lunch today was an anchovie sandwich with fresh produce (think Subway veggie sandwich between rye bread with anchovies).  Okay - I get it that perhaps that doesn't sound so appealing to all, but my gosh - it was good and super filling and the only calories pretty much came from the bread. 

I've been entering my calories into MyFitnessPal and today I've really been feeling like I'm cheating.  I have so many spare calories in fact that I'm going to have to have a glass of wine and some ice cream.  I know!

I'm not very good about looking up recipes online.  I know there are sites that list out recipes for under 300 calories and stuff like that, but I look at them and feel overwhelmed.

What's something you like to eat that is healthy and simple and not calorie city AND doesn't feel like rabbit food?



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