Tot School Tuesday


This week was big fun as our little guys worked through Tot School talking about size and learning a lot about the opposites: big and little.


Our books for this week were Big Little by Leslie Patricelli and What's Bigger than Me? a Baby Einstein book.  The boys had fun focusing on their books and pointing out big and little items in other favorite books.  That's the best thing about Tot School curriculum, it's lax and limber to the schedule and helps open your eyes to learning opportunities that are all around you.



The story of the Three Bears was brought to life through our felt boards this week.  It's the perfect story to discuss big and little.  The boys had fun retelling the story to each other and also worked on sorting the bears, chairs and beds by size.


We also used our favorite Peg Board to create big and little towers, then we used our little hands and feet to knock them down!



My boys adore Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids.  I was able to borrow some images from their teacher's site and resize them to create big/little matching cards.  The characters really helped to keep the boys' interest, so I will definitely be employing this tactic for future Tot School lessons.



We incorporated baking into this week's theme by making our favorite gluten free pumpkin muffins.



Cash used a big whisk...



...and a little whisk to taste stir the mixture.



I borrowed a mini muffin pan from the neighbors so we could have big and little muffins for breakfast all week!



Who says Tot School is always clean and orderly?  We made quite a mess mixing up our muffins, but we also had a ton of fun!


We're always learning and having fun, so I'm always looking for good ideas.  See all of our Tot School posts here or jump over to 1plus1plus1equals1 to see what everyone else is working on this week.