Kick Dark Circles to the Curb with OLAY Total Effects Dark Circle Minimizing Brush!

How do bloggers simplify their beauty routines when they are busy and tired? They kick the dark circles to the curb with new OLAY Total Effects Dark Circle Minimizing Eye Brush. See what they had to say when they tried it and enter for a chance to win a $100 Spafinder gift card on each blog!

The Sassy Curmudgeon "I don’t have a lot of time to--as Jeff so lovingly puts it--“paint my face” in the mornings, seeing as I generally hit the snooze button at least twenty times in order to let the pillow lines really settle into my cheeks." Click to read more.

GirlHeroes "Every since I was a young girl, I have enjoyed playing with makeup.  Years later, I still love to “play” with makeup but I rarely have the time to lock myself away in my bedroom painting, contouring, lining, and blending." Click to read more.

The Bobby Pin "I’m destined to have circles under my eyes. My mom is gorgeous and she does. My grandma and great grandma too. That’s where we age, and while I’m not into botox, I am into preventing them for as long as possible." Click to read more.

Be Different, Act Normal "Once upon a time I was young and well rested and didn't worry much about makeup.  But three kids, 12 years, and countless sleepless night later I pay a little more attention to what I am putting on my face to hide those sleepless nights." Click to read more.

The Beauty Mark "Let's talk about aging. I don't like what the sun and time have done to my once-porcelain skin. In face, I am singing a sad song just thinking about it. I am always on the lookout for some new skin care products that promote anti-aging but are still gentle enough for everyday." Click to read more.

The ShuBox "Ever since i've turned 30 years young, I have been THRILLED every time i get carded. I get a little giddy whipping out my ID, hoping that the card-er will make some comment about how they never would have guessed Iwas 30. Usually they don't, but the other day the clerk at the liquor store [I was buying cognac for shrimp en flambé!] looked me in the eyes and said, "Sarah - you're going to get carded until you are 40." Click to read more.

Jenna's Journey "It instantly makes me skin feel fresh and renewed. The brush is in a pen type applicator and you just push the end to disperse the product, which is flesh tone in color. It sweeps on gently and then I just massage it under my eyes with my fingertips." Click to read more.

The Great Fitness Experiment "In the past I've prided myself on this low-maintenance-ness but then 30 hit and I realized that that is something only 20-year-olds can feel proud about. Once you're expected to show up to pack meetings and the preschool recital and, heaven help me, business meetings low-maintenance can just look lazy." Click to read more.

Slynnro "As a certified cosmetic snob, with very strong opinions and very well set favorites, I always worry I will have nothing positive to say about the product I am asked to review. Even though I've had nothing but positive experiences thus far, each box brings a bit of nervousness. I needed not worry about the Olay Total Effects Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush because I really love this product!" Click to read more.

The Frugal Girl "I’m not one of those people who loves putting on makeup and doing my hair, and I’m not a super-duper polished mom (I wish!), but I do feel better if I put at least a little effort into my appearance.  And the fact that Mr. FG notices and appreciates that sort of thing makes it extra motivating." Click to read more.

In This Wonderful Life "I've always been pretty good about wearing some make-up because I have freckles and I was tired of them by the time I was old enough to consider make-up. Along with wearing make-up, I've always been very good and taking it off every night." Click to read more.

Domestic Fashionista "On most days I am rushing out of the house…throwing clothes on…splashing on some makeup…hoping to not be late to wherever I am going.  If you are like me, the perfect beauty routine is quick but still pulled together.  In order to achieve this you need less product…but the few you do use to be quality and purposeful." Click to read more.

Could I Have That? "Since I'm not much of a morning person, I'm constantly looking for ways to make my beauty routine fast, simple and affective in the a.m. hours. From pillow marks on my face to a serious case of bed-head, it can take an army of products, time and coffee to get myself out the door. But for days that require a speedy turnaround I reach for my basic make-up needs for a natural, bright-eyed look." Click to read more.

A Girl and A Boy "Considering that I'm such a stick-in-the-mud about practically everything else, I'm surprisingly adventurous when it comes to makeup." Click to read more.

The 818 "Okay, so I’m pretty sure this is one of those things you DON’T tell people, but I have trouble pinpointing that line sometimes, you know?   Plus, I think I may have already mentioned this nasty little trick in passing when talking about my newfound love of styling my hair. But here it is: Sometimes I don’t wash my face in the morning." Click to read more.


Tighten* skin around eyes with the sweep of a brush.  New Olay Total Effects Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush helps conceal plus has 7 anti-aging benefits in one powerful formula for younger looking eyes.
*with plumping hydration.


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