Total Texting Freedom

I just switched my texting plan from 200 texts to unlimited monthly texting, and I feel fantastic!

How silly is that? That unlimited texting could make me feel so free.

I work with a lot of younger women who I refer to lovingly as kids because simply put, their 23 and 24 years to my 39 years, almost makes me old enough to be their mother. They are too cute and the role I have taken with them seems to be the role I always take with friends regardless of age, and that is of a nurturer.  I am the person they come to when they want advice or words of comfort.

And I am slowly learning that their preferred mode of communication is texting.

That's all they do. 

And the overage charges on my cell phone bill have been, let's just say, not good.

Until today.

When I smartened up and got unlimited texting. 

So now all those little pangs of love that I feel for Drew during the day but was too cheap to send before, will be full on baby.  Won't he be excited?

And all those problems that the kids at work are experiencing, will be answered swiftly without cause for monetary concern. 

I am totally in love with this feeling of being able to send a lightening quick message through the universe whenever I want and as many as I want, without having to refinance my house to pay the bill.

Let me get a WHAT, WHAT for unlimited texting plans.



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