Totally sick dude

Ugh, today I have been feeling a bit under the weather, like I am coming down with something. Which is surprising because I haven't had so much as a cold in years. I've got the constitution of an ox, I have. But I don't look like one. Nor do I use my amazing constitution to pull ploughs or hay wagons. 

When I woke up this morning all shivery and with a headache, my first thought was 'I don't remember going out last night,' which could have been a bad sign in itself. But after thinking about it a bit more, I did indeed conclude that I didn't go out last night.

There was only one thing for it. I was coming down with something. And at a totally inconvenient time; the reason being that I was supposed to finish off a guest blog post that I was doing for Bodacious Boomer today, but my head was in too much of a fug to do it (sorry BB, I promise I will finish it soon).

So instead I decided to partake in activities that would keep an amoeba amused. Like typing 'sick' into Google and seeing what came up.


Pic.No.1 Daft Humor


Pic.No.2 Daft Inventions


Pic.No.3 Blimey, I will never be bored again


Pic.No.4 Self explanatory
Then amidst all the usual 'sick' stuff, I stumbled upon the following..... it was a British teenager's website, and all he did was publish pictures that he had doodled in his diary. And because the English have a warped sense of humour, I found them bloody funny.


Pic.No.5 Blimey, I wonder what conversation was the precursor to this drawing?!



Pic.No.6 Well funny. What a div


Pic.No.7 His final diary entry

Crikey, I wouldn't like to see the results of his Inkblot Test, but man alive, he sure took my mind off being ill for a bit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them. Any particular favourites?!

That's it for me. I am off to bed in the hope that an early night will knock any illness on the head.

P.S. For some reason whenever I do a 'rude' or 'sick' post I seem to pick up blog followers. What's that all about then?

Annie (Lady M) x

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