Totally Weddo-Phobic

I wasnt really a blogger until a few months back..when I and my boyfriend decided to get married..we are from India and belong to different castes and states (for people wondering how that matters: India, language, culture, food habits vary from caste to caste and state to state).

So since we belong to different castes, we faced some acceptance issues from our parents. But after pursuing for a month or two..they are convinced now!Yaaiii.


In the contrary I am not!!! :o ..I feel I am doing the biggest mistake of my life by getting married! :(

Wondering why???..Even I am trying to figure out why..

I know there will be a bunch of women readnig this post..please help me, guide me..share your me that you guys went through the same but overcame me how..

I am desparate..I just want to feel that I am not the only one going through this...maybe knowing that I am not alone might help..