Tots Sharing Teethers


Princess had another one of her meltdowns this morning at daycare.  When asked if her teeth hurt, she said yes.  So, her teacher reached into the freezer to grab her teething ring.  When I looked up, I saw Princess with a teether in her mouth that didn't belong to her.  I know they're being taught to share, but jeeze louise!  I politely said "that's not hers." 

I went into her bin, and grabbed a spare one out of her bag.  Note to all: always have a back up binky and/teether on hand.  I'm a bit of a germaphobe.  But, I've gotten much better since becoming a mom.  I used to get grossed out at the site of seeing Princess put her hands in her own feces.  Now it doesn't faze me.

As for the teether situation, I'm over it.  They do a good job at sanitizing them after each use.  At least that's what they say.  I have no choice, but to believe them.  If the next post I write reveals Princess caught some kind of oral infection or disease, I guess we'll know why.

Do you get grossed out easily?

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