Touch And Go: When A Family is Kidnapped

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From the outside, the Denbe family has it all. They own a successful construction empire. They have a multiple homes, including a fabulous townhouse in Boston. The two parents and one teenaged daughter have everything they could ask for. From the outside they look like the perfect family, but when they vanish without a trace, investigators find that things aren't quite so perfect after all. Welcome to Lisa Gardner's latest thriller, Touch and Go.

touch and go lisa gardnerLisa Gardner states in the acknowledgements of her book that she's always wanted to kidnap an entire family. Not in real life, of course! A family offers a different dynamic. They are a unit, and when you place that unit under pressure, cracks can appear. There are more than cracks in the Denbe family -- it's more like chasms. Everyone in the family has secrets, and they've stopped seeing each each other as true individuals. When placed in the pressure cooker situation of being not only kidnapped but also terrorized by their kidnappers, will the family heal those family fractures or will it drive them further apart?

The Denbe family may touch your heart, but the kidnappers will make your blood run cold. They are an frightening mix of individuals. One is cold and calculating. Another is far kinder to them than they could ever expect, yet he is still involved in the kidnapping. The third kidnapper just seems completely unhinged. They taunt and terrify the family, but the most terrifying thing is that they won't tell the Denbes why this has happened to them. If they are not doing this for ransom, why are they doing it?


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There are also the investigators who work around the clock to try to find them. While D.D. Warren, the main character in Gardner's Detective D.D. Warren series, does make an appearance in this novel, she's not the main investigator and this book is not part of that series. Touch and Go is a standalone story, though it revisits Tessa Leoni from Love You More. Leoni is now a private investigator and is investigating the family's disappearance for Denbe Construction. Also joining in is New Hampshire sheriff Wyatt Foster. Can all these investigators work together to find the family before it's too late?

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