TOUCHÉ, Justice Roberts. TOUCHÉ!

It's no surprise that former President, Bush the Elder, who spent time as the Ambassador to China and has been considered by many to be on the liberal side of the conservative spectrum begat George W. who eventually appointed Cheif Justice John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court.

And it's no surprise that the moderate Republican President who raised a slightly moderate Republican President chose a slightly moderate Justice for the Chief position precisely for decisions like today's "big one."

Leadership took the "all things considered" approach, and Leadership cast the final vote for what may prove to be one of the largest steps in our nation's policy-making in a very long time. 

"Parceling out" the decision will take time.  But the main decision has been rendered and is now resonating across the nation. And the leader of the U.S. Supreme Court weilded his pen in a brave and interesting way.  So...don't always blaim George Dub-yah for all that ails ya.  He may have just cured ya.


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