Toys That “DO” and Toys That Don’t

Have you ever thought if there is a connection between Toys that do a lot and your child not doing much? As a mother when I see my child playing, with a toy or any object that she is pretending to be a toy – I almost always wonder what’s going on in her mind. What is she thinking or imagining.

I have seen a direct link between toys that do a lot and my child not doing much. If you are in a toy store, you will see toys that have screens, toys that buzz, toys that light up and even talk. I am not against these toys. In fact these toys are great entertainment on car rides and prove to a good distraction while I write this piece. But again are these toys are not helping your child think. They are just keeping them distracted or entertained.

Now let’s talk about toys that don’t. Toys like building blocks or just plain dolls. These toys that promote open play, forces your kid to think and then build. Build a structure, build a story, and build a whole scenario.

We cannot have our children be passive participants in “PLAY”. They need to be the most active participant in their “PLAY”. And you need to decide which toys help them do the same.


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