On Track for February

At my gym there is a young woman who is tough.  She's thin and fit and when she runs on the treadmill, she really runs - the entire time.  When she does sit ups on alternate days, I think she does sit ups for the entire 40 minutes that she's there.  She lifts a weight while she does reverse curls, she twists and sits holding a medicine ball, she just does a thousand reps of everything.  I'm not actually sure how long she works out, but she's intense. There's no wavering or flaking or extended breaks or slowing down.

Yesterday she walked into the room where two friends and I were groaning and grumbling through the 60 seconds of ab work in Jillian. 

We are definitely in different places.  It's okay.  

Today, as I plodded along at a 4.0 mph pace on the treadmill, I noticed she was wearing a triathlon shirt.  It had a nice design.  I found myself thinking I'd enter that triathlon just for the cool shirt.  I also thought about how she was probably pretty good in a triathlon.  She's got focus and the body strength and conditioning to carry out the entire race at a pretty good clip.

And then I felt a small sigh as I realized at our local community triathlon, she might be there.  The thing that's nice about a small town is you can be a regular joe-schmoe, do something that feels spectacular (like working out) and then enter in a race and feel kinda okay because you're not the last in a crowd of hundreds.  You're just last in a crowd of 20 and that's not so bad because you recognize you are you and the others are the others.  In a larger crowd where everybody seems to be a super athlete, you're own regularness seems to stand out.  

But as I felt that small sigh knowing she'd be at my race (it's now my race), I was okay with it.  She's challenging her own goals and I'm challenging mine.  And then, I realized, I'm in a different age bracket!  This old age thing might start to have some advantages!!!

Of course - our town doesn't award anything to the winners, nor distinguish age brackets, but I can do that in my head - or I can feel hope that when the day comes that I can enter a big city triathlon, maybe, just maybe, I'll be so fit and strong that I'll do okay within the old person crowd.  

But now I'm pulling my goofy brain back to reality.  Those visions are far away and right now I'm still in the day to day work of watching my calories and struggling with what to eat for lunch and afternoon snack and making sure I get to the gym.

I had a good week.  I hope to have another one next week.  February, here I come!


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