Traditional Gender Roles, Romantic Preferences and Feminism

I’m at a loss and, like most things, I’m probably reading far too much into that mothers comment. My heart just goes out to people who can’t find or who have given up on love. I used to be that person and have since evolved in my mindset. My year working as a self-proclaimed online dating expert has showed me there is someone out there for everyone, no matter how specific your desires are. Dating sites get so specific, there’s just no way you won’t meet the right person.

Well… there is one way. Across all romance preferences, one thing remains the same. Whether a relationship is egalitarian, BDSM or something in between, people these days desire respect. I haven’t seen a healthy relationship yet that can exist without mutual respect between partners.

What do you think the opposite of feminism is? Do you think a woman can choose traditional gender roles and be considered feminist? What’s with all these groups that promote freedom to make certain choices? Is there a blanket term for someone who believes people should be able to live in whatever way they choose? Choicinist? Choiceism? Choician?

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