Traditional Irish Recipes: Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread

Irish Food Favorites: They're Not Just for Saint Patty's Day Anymore 

The following link is to five traditional Irish recipes including Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread.

No one is quite sure how "Dublin Lawyer" got it's name. It's an old, Irish recipe that's decadent in every way and makes a great, romantic dinner. Dublin Lawyer combines butter-sauteed lobster meat with a Jameson Irish Whiskey flambe and rich, heavy cream. The recipe serves two and is served on the half-shell.

Limerick Ham is traditionally made with a whole ham leg, but a 6-7 pound ham can be substituted. The trick to this ham is the two-stage cooking process. The ham is initially simmered in cider then finished in the oven. The result is perfectly sweet, moist and tender Irish-style ham.

I've also included the recipe for colcannon. Colcannon is a centuries old dish, steeped in tradition of the Celtic holiday and festival of Samhain-- a holiday later renamed by the Catholic church to Halloween. Colcannon is traditionally made with potatoes, cabbage or kale, milk or cream and loads of butter.

Finally, I've included the recipes for brown scones and easy Irish Soda Bread. Even if you've never made bread before, this recipe is easy to follow, fast and easy to make and nearly foolproof. Soda bread is best eaten fresh, soon after it comes from the oven. Leftovers make great grilled-sandwich bread for paninis or can be enjoyed for the next day's breakfast served as an Irish-version of French Toast.

If you try any of the recipes, I'd love to hear feedback about everything from the ease/difficulty of preparation to results and opinions. Thanks!


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