Tragic Event

Last night I was sitting on the sofa when I  heard sirens. A feeling came over me and closed my eyes and prayed whoever it was in need was ok. After realizing 10 minutes of sirens showed no sign of stopping, I decided to turn my scanner on. I didn't get much information except that the emergency personel requested several medvacs, 4 in total. I ran downstairs and told my inlaws that there was a terrible accident nearby and that I hoped it wasn't someone we knew. I felt such an uneasy feeling. I ran back upstairs to listen some more. It was then I heard someone went into a cardiac arrest. Again, i ran down the stairs and told my inlaws. I looked at my mother in-law and pleaded that we wouldn't know who it was. I felt a need of having to go to the scene, but, my mother in-law stopped me. She told me we would probably be unable to get far and if we did we would probably be in the way.

I wish, oh I wish I would have been more determined. I wished I would have followed my heart and go to the scene. I wished i never turn the scanner on, maybe it would not hurt so bad. The person in question turned out to be a lovely young woman, barely 20 years old who was so close to our hearts. She was our cousin. She had 4 passengers with her. One walked away from major injuries, 3 were airlifted and the driver, my cousin, died.

I'm angry, very angry because it was a useless death. This little girl was so full of life and laughter.  She loved to play jokes and keep you on your toes!  She worked and also paid her way to college. Only 20 years old. Single car accident. She lost control of her vehicle and rolled over and over. In order to rescue anyone, they had to cut the roof off. I don't know what the outcome of the others who were airlifted, I pray they will be ok. We are mourning the death of one young life, we do not want to mourn any more. I want these three young people to live. I pray for them and their families.

It is so hard to believe she is gone. One minute she was here and the next taken away. Only 20 years old.



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