Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears…

This blog should most definitely come with with a warning sign: CAUTION- SUBJECT MATTER IS DUE TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME

A consistent train of thought is just not in the cards today.004 002

First, Here’s a quick look at my favorite ‘thrift find’ for the week: **4** old chairs  found for ***$5.00 each*** They need some work but I may just bang them up even more and call it ‘cottage chic’

Turning the curve: We have been enjoying the warm weather here in Laurinburg. Yesterday we went for a hike. (I wouldn’t exactly call it a hike, since everything here is rather flat)

And did I mention that Laurinburg is the cultural mecca of the south, and by cultural mecca I mean it has a Wal-Mart and a Cook Out. I am waiting for it to grow on me – not yet

I’m going to throw out the fact that hiking is not exactly up ‘Paris’ avenue.

Before we even got out of the car :”How long is this going to take?”  (because her 10 year old calendar is filled with going to the opera, and the latest symposium on fine art……………here in Laurinbug)

The whine-fest continued with:

“Can we go back now? I’m sweating under my armpits” (which to her is the 8th deadly sin)

“It stinks out here”

“Are we lost ? Daddy doesn’t know where he’s going” (we’re about 100 feet out of the parking lot for the love of Pete)

“I’m thirsty”

“I don’t like walking in straight lines”

“I’m not going to walk around that cotton field – I’m allergic to cotton”

*And then we deteriorate to precious uplifting talk to her sister:

“You’re such a boob”

“Why did you wear that today?” (anything to spread a little sunshine)

Which lead to a shove

Which lead to a shove back

Which lead to a wrestling match

and then my husband pulled me off of them.

And A Good Time Was Had By All.

Here are a few pictures of trees and cotton, because taking pictures of complaining isn’t as interesting.





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