Training for the Crossfit Open

This post could be titled "Why I will be puking up a lung in the next 6 weeks" as that is pretty much how I'm envisioning the upcoming few weeks.

The Open is officially coming now.  The Crossfit Games site posted the games schedule and the Open starts on 27 February.  When I started this blog about my journey to the Crossfit Open 2014 it seems so far away...10 months away to be exact.  That seemed like plenty of there are 48 days left and I am nowhere near ready.

For the last few months I have been chasing my primary dream of getting a pull-up before the open. Progress has been slow but steady and I'm down to using two black bands for pull-ups.  It will be tough to get a strict pull-up before the Open, but stranger things have happened right?

Because I've been focusing on the pull-up so much, I haven't really been focusing on improving the other movements needed to perform without embarrassing myself at the Open.

According to the really helpful Road to Regionals videos posted by the Barbell Shrugged guys (including the dreamy Doug Larson....) there are only 15 movements that have been in the past Opens from 2011-2013.

1. Barbell Movements: Snatches, Cleans, Jerks, Push Presses, Overhead Squat, Thrusters and Deadlifts

2. Non-Barbell Movements: Double unders, Push-ups, Box Jumps, Burpees, Toes-to-bar, Pull-ups (Chest to bar), Muscle-up and Wall Balls.

To see the past weights on these lifts, check out the table in this post.

I'm actually doing okay on the barbell movements just though my generally getting better at Crossfit from the regular classes.  I still need to increase my strength and 1RM on the Snatches and Cleans and Jerks in order to be comfortable for the Open but this is definitely not where my area of weakness lies.

That would be anything to do with moving my body-weight..Ah genetics, why did you decide to curse/bless me with such a bountiful booty?  While it does make sitting down slightly more comfortable, moving said booty from point A to point B takes a lot of work. Moving it from point A to point B over and over again...well, that's just exhausting.

So for the 8 non-barbell movements I am slow (ssssllllllllloooowwwwwwwww).  So what to do, what to do....

Once again, my awesome box (Crossfitgva) comes to the rescue (cue the superhero music). Starting this Sunday there will be a specific program designed for those of us who want to participate in the Open. The focus of the program will be on improving our areas of weakness before the Open.  I LOVE IT! and I HATE IT! 6 weeks of focusing on burpees, box jumps, thrusters and wall balls...kill me now....

I anticipate a high level of struggling over the next 6 weeks, equaled only by the high level of whining that I will doing on this blog. But at the end, I hope that it will help me feel more comfortable with these movements when it comes time for the Open.

Now to be clear, my goal for the Open is not to get to goal for the Open is survival - with minimal social disgrace!

What about you, how are you preparing for the Crossfit Open 2014?

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