Beware the Dragons! Transform Your Kid's Room Into a Knight's Retreat!

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My younger son has always been fascinated by castles, dragons and knights. Last year, we redecorated his bedroom to fit this theme. Lucky for me, he already had some great decor for the room -- his castle, dragon and knight collection!

The former style of his room was a cabin-style room with a bear theme. We kept the cabin look on the wall, mainly because Mommy didn’t want to repaint…but I thought it kept a rustic feel to the room even with the new decor.

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In the picture below, you’ll see the wall decals we used: RoomMates RMK1267SCS Dragon Hunter Peel & Stick Wall Decals. I found these at

more decals

I purchased the dragon/knight quilt from Amazon too, but unfortunately they no longer make it. It was originally made by Tiddliwinks and was sold at Target. Amazon does have a pillow sham for sale; you could use that with a plain colored comforter. If you can find it on Ebay or somewhere, I’d highly recommend it. It is very good quality and was not cheaply made. My son loves the designs on top, and it is very warm and cozy. Plus it gives you many colors to work with when you are decorating the rest of the room. We already had a brown bedskirt, so we kept that.

I also put a “castle” canopy over the bed. I had originally used this canopy outdoors with linen fabric and a blue top, and I got the idea from Family Fun magazine. I used a silver shiny fabric with a black felt top, cut in a square castle pattern.


To hold back the canopy, I used clothespins and hot glued a mini dragon to the top. I think I found these at Michael’s in those tubes of animals.

dragons clips

We placed his knight’s costume out for display, still easily accessible for play!

knight gear

My son also loves to do craft projects. He had already made these cardboard shields and little sword, so I hung them up as decorations. He also has several castles, so it made a great decoration as well. Whenever he wants to play with it, we take it down.


Around the room, we placed his collection of dragons and knights. He had collected many of the Imagninext dragons so they were perfect for his room!


more dragons


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