Transformation - Background (Day 0)

About me:

I am a 5'7" 34 yr old mother of 2 who has tried quite possibly every diet out there.  And as of today (1/20/12) I am officially at the highest weight (198.6 lbs)I have ever seen, including when i gained 60+ lbs with my first daughter.
But I can still remember what it was like to be fit and how awesome it was to go shopping and know everything looked great!
So just before Thanksgiving I ordered Shakeology from a friend who is a coach for Beachbody products and who has recently transformed their body as well.  I already own the P90x videos that were all the rage a couple years ago and I borrowed the Slim in 6 videos from a friend, both that are part of the Beachbody line.

I am planning to blog about this journey each day along with what I eat, what exercise I complete, and weekly measurements and weigh ins. I was very nervous about doing this publicly, blogging about it, my husband knowing I am trying so hard but then I gave the chocolate Shakeology a test run before Thanksgiving break and it tasted so awesome that I know if I give it some effort I can definitely be successful... so if i can do it and can help someone else along the way then that would be awesome.

Some more background on my previous weight and diets I have tried.  

Weight background.
Twice before I have lost a considerable amount of weight and oddly enough both times I didn't do it with a fad diet I did it with a commitment to change my diet to a healthier option and included regular exercise... so not sure why I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on diets, programs, gimmicks just to increase my waist line and frustration.
In college when I lost weight and got fit I didn't keep a log of anything and then before I turned 30 I decided to lose weight again, for 2 reasons... 1, I saw a picture of myself from a girlfriends cruise and almost puked weighing in at 167 didn't realize how bad the weight looked on me and 2, I knew I was having a big 30th birthday with lots of people and pictures and didn't want to have to burn all the pics and feel miserable for my own party.  During that time I did keep an excel document of my weight and I am including that in my blog as 'Transformation - Weight Log', that post will include that history, random other history I have of my weight, and also be updated with my weekly weigh in during this transformation.

Diets tried:
South Beach
Juice Fasting
Lemonade Master Cleanse
Detox body wraps
Low Fat
Low Calorie

So please follow along with me during my transformation journey, join me, and inspire me!!!

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