In Transition…Caring for Newly Grown Hair After Chemotherapy

Hello all my Beaudivas!

As we make the slow transition from summer to
fall, it got me thinking about all of the brave and wonderful women who
have completed their chemotherapy treatments. Before you know it, new
hair will once again adorn your head. These precious new sprouts are so
delicate and worthy of celebration and some tips on caring for your
compromised follicles could be helpful.

Progression of Regrowth from Week to Week

Special attention must be paid to the care and
products you are going to be using, as no ordinary shampoo will do.
Hair products with gentle and mild formulas are best. I recommend using
organic shampoos that have are made with all natural ingredients and do
not contain detergents like sodium laurel sulfate, propylene sulfate or
any derivative of laurel alcohol. Those detergents are known to corrode
hair follicles and dry out the scalp. When combing and brushing your
new hair, remember to be gentle and only use soft bristled brushes.
Also, avoid excessive blow drying and cosmetic hair treatments. We want
to keep our heads beautiful!

Vitamins and supplements are most helpful in
regrowing healthy hair. B vitamins and amino acides promote healthy
hair growth. Chinese remedies for hair re-growth are Green Tea, Ginko
Biloba and Ho Shou Wu. The TLC you show yourself will not only make you
look better on the outside, but will make your inner beauty shine

Green Tea Remedy

It is important to remember, in these last few
weeks of summer, to keep your delicate heads covered. Wearing sunscreen
is of dire importance, but maintaining your chic fashion sense must be
kept in mind as well. Beaubeau scarves work with your
outfits, no matter what the season. And if a chill in the air is
heading your way, make sure to try out the headwarmers, made of soft
jersey fabric. They are so warm and cozy, they will certainly add
warmth to cool temperatures. When you are
ready to show off your new hair, accessorize with one of our
Transitional Beaubeau’s, which are soft, feminine and stylish. Our new
fall colors are up on the website:

Below are some additional resources on hair re-growth:—What-Steps-Can-I-Take-To-Regrow-My-Hair?&id=1032464


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