Transition to Digital Television Analog to Digital Impacts Seniors, Minorities, Disable and Rural Americans

Currently, there are over 7 million Americans who are not ready for the Transition to Digital Television on February 17th, 2009 (Nielsen, December 2008). What does this mean? When Congress mandated that the 35 million Americans who have either rabbit ear antenna or roof top antenna will have to make a monumental change in their viewing experience - a defining moment in our communication "reception" become apparent.

What is not well known is that while we are being mandated to make a change, it is clearly a lifestyle adjustment requirement, that has become part of the everyday fabric American in this county.

It became clear earlier this year (2008) that millions of American who are considered to be part of the "underserved" communities (elderly, minorities, rural, disabled) will not have a voice in this transition, yet they are most impacted by the DTV transition.

What does the TV viewing experience provide? There are three key elements to our viewing experience:

• Content - various programming available for free
• Communication - news, weather, emergency preparedness
• Companionship - providing an opportunity to relax rest and refresh. In the lives of seniors it is am very important part of their day. And it has always been available for free.

What has not been done, that needs to be done?

Our non-profit The Urban Progressive Foundation, (a project of CDP, a 501 (c) 3) has been engaged since June 2008 in reaching out to the underserved communities. We have a three Phase program:

1. Hands-on workshop and Campaign to register for the $40 coupon government program
2. Collect Coupons and order digital converter boxes at a substantial discount rate
3. Install the digital converter boxes for the underserved

We are one of the few grassroots organizations natioanlly actually engaged in bringing closer to the DTV dilemma. As we continue to seek funding from private sources we encourage you to view our website and blog. or website:

To register for your $40 off coupon go to and click on the red coupon.



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