Transmit Love

Love is the master key that opens up every door of happiness. Love, becoming love, is why we are here.

Life is a game of mirrors, and boomerangs. As we give so we receive. It is a simple law. If you want love, you have to be kind and loving. If you want abundance you have to be generous and spend freely. Whatever we want we must first give it. And this is what seems to trip many folks out. Most people want to take, take, take but never give. They constantly want friends and family to do them favors, but never return the favor. They have some misguided idea that the world at large owes them something and they are entitled to just beg, borrow, steal and manipulate to get what they want. This is not a loving attitude. Quite often they think this strategy is working and that everyone else is a sucker. But the thing is, takers end up very lonely and unhappy. Anything ill-gotten through manipulation doesn’t feel good for either party. People don’t like to hang out with takers. Everything you put out comes back, like a boomerang. If you cheat, you will be cheated. If you lie you will be lied to. Whatever you put out comes back at you multiplied, so for your own happiness sake, transmit goodness!

So let’s back up to love for a little bit, because this nearly always is the root glitch. We cannot love others and thus receive love, until we love ourselves. Life is a mirror. People can only love you as much as you love yourself. And you can only love and understand others the same as you love and understand yourself. You cannot give to others what you do not have for yourself. See, it’s a game of solitaire. In the end, the game is all about you. So, know yourself, love yourself. Look at all the good, bad and ugly about yourself. Get rid of the bad and ugly so you can stop hating yourself and your life. Heal and dissolve all that stuff with love. Recognize and magnify the good in yourself, allowing you to love yourself and all others – even the bad and ugly stuff in them because now you know it’s not their essence, or true self. At our core, we are all good, we are all beautiful, we are all love and loveable. It is only fear and pain that warps, corrupts and darkens love into ugliness. Love heals and unwarps.

Once you love yourself and start seeing the world through the eyes of love, your whole life will change. Everything and everyone will seem lovely, perfect and beautiful. When your internal stream of consciousness is pure love, you vibrate and radiate love, this in turn attracts love in all its forms of perfect health, wealth, self-expression and community. When you are one with love, you long to give it and share it freely – knowing the internal supply cannot be depleted. Happy givers always receive back happiness (in all of its varied forms) in pressed down measure. You receive back from the Universe what you are transmitting. Transmit love. You can only transmit love, once you have accessed it within yourself.

Your thoughts, words and actions always let you know exactly what kind of stream is running within. Only you can purify your internal stream. The work is always with ourselves. It’s a game of solitaire. If you want anything to change, you have to first change it in you. Be the change you want to see. Your outer experience is always a reflection of your inner world. As you believe and perceive, so you receive. As you think the world to be, so it is. Don’t like it? Go within and change the programming. A life coach can teach you how.

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