Traumatic Brain Injuries in Soldiers Linked to Long-Term Health Problems

My husband was in Iraq for more than a year and is getting ready to deploy again. (He's National Guards.) Like many wives, I am concerned about PTSD and traumatic brain injury - both of which seem to be on the rise for returning soldiers.


This article just proves what most of us already believe: soldiers returning with TBI will have long-term health issues. I really hope the military puts a lot more money toward research in ways to help soldiers. I know one company (LearningRx) has had success working with TBI patients - helping them strengthen weak cognitive skills like memory, processing speed, attention, etc. And it's not just the soldiers that suffer but also their families. Wives or parents often have to take care of them (and everything else in the household) and kids often pick up on the subtle (or not-so-subtle) symptoms of PTSD (like aggression, withdrawal, addiction). 


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