Traumatic Typo

I realized it was my mother’s friend, I asked my colleague to give me a minute. My mind was still focused on Wednesday afternoon, one of my colleagues was leaning over my desk. We were both staring intently at my computer monitor, trying to figure out a problem we were having, when my cell phone rang. Distracted, I answered the phone.


When the problem we were working on when I started to talk to the woman. She was calling to orchestrate picking me up at the airport three days later, when I was due to fly to Florida on Saturday to surprise my mom at a party she was having to celebrate her seventy-fifth birthday.


“What time do you arrive?” my mom’s friend asked.


“Give me a second,” I replied. “I have all the information at home,” I explained as I opened a new window on my computer and began to log into Jet Blue’s website. Although I knew my flight was due to leave New York around 7:20 I wasn’t sure what time I was due to arrive. I wanted to be sure of my itinerary since she was doing me a huge favor and picking me up.


As she chatted, I tried to process what I saw on my monitor. There were no flights leaving JFK at 7:20. There was only one leaving around 8:00. Something seemed strange.


I heard ruffling of paper on the other end of the phone. “I found your email. I have your flight information right here,” my mom’s friend said. Reading from the confirmation I emailed her over a month ago, “You are leaving PBI at 7:20 AM arriving at JFK at…”


In a small, barely audible voice I asked, “what?”


She started to repeat what she just read. “You leave Florida at…” She cut herself off. “I think you had a typo when you gave me this. You wrote you were going from Florida to New York, not New York to Florida.”


I gasped.


“Oh Shit!” she exclaimed. “It’s not a typo is it?”


“Ummm…” I stammered and stuttered. “I don’t think so. That explains why I can’t find my flight online.” Freaked out I started rambling, “Oh my God! Oh my God! What am I going to do?”


I booked the flights backwards. Only I would do something like this…


One of these days I have to slow down….


Thank goodness she called me and realized my error. No matter how many times I looked at that confirmation, I never caught it…


Although it took some effort, complete with some drama, I was able to rearrange my flight! My mom was shocked when she saw me… and I had a great day with her, and was so happy I was able to help

celebrate her big day.

I am still kicking myself for my stupidity… Please make me feel better. What silly or careless thing have you done lately?



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