Travel with Boys

Traveling with your children is all about planning, patience and organization.

With energetic boys, your work is cut out for you, so this article can help you along the way. If you implement a few key strategies, you’ll agree that travel isn’t as stressful as you might have thought, regardless of your child’s age. Since many young boys have ants in their pants, especially when they’re excited, you will need to plan well in advanced so you’re prepared.

If your children are of school age, get them involved with research. First agree on a few destinations, and then assign each child a place to research. Define the parameters for them to make their work easy. Such as; places of interest, things to do, and interesting facts.  If your children are older, they might even be able to help with accommodations and transportation information for their assigned destination. Whereas, if your children are preschoolers, they can sit with you as you search the Internet for information.  Set a deadline and hold a family meeting to discuss the findings.

While travel with preschoolers may seem daunting, but in reality, it’s really not that scary at all. It’s important not to over pack, so begin preparing your list of what you’d like to bring well in advance. As the trip grows near, review that list and establish what is a need vs. a want. Keep your wants to a minimum. If your children are under four, find a lightweight bag to pack your “wants” in and keep in your carry on luggage.

Older children can have their own backpack filled with parent-approved items to keep them busy. Other important items to bring for young children include, a stuffed animal or blanket and a collapsible stroller. And of course, snacks! I give each child a few snacks in their bags. I try to manage what they eat and when so as to stretch their longevity.

I buy a few inexpensive new items and bring some older books and magazines for them as well. Crayons, paper, word or picture search are great for travel. Make sure the fun bags aren’t too heavy for the children to carry or you’ll wind up with extra baggage you didn’t plan for.

The bottom line is that when people of any age are out of their element, they can feel uncomfortable as their routine is disrupted. Try to maintain your routine while still embracing the opportunity for fun and adventure. Traveling with your children provides for a foundation of memories that will last for years to come.