Travel with Kids: Adjusting Our Expectations as Parents

My husband and I just returned home from a weekend at the beach with our two littles. We had a great time playing in the sand and surf. As my husband and I walked the Miami Beach boardwalk he asked me what I would share from this trip on Fit for Moms. So we started chatting, and I knew exactly what direction I would head…

If you were to search Google for “tips for traveling with kids”, you would see 32 million+ results. You will find tips abound on airline travel with kids. I, myself, would agree with almost all of the tips I have read out there. But, I am not here to give you more tips on how to travel with kids, I’m here to tell you about the small adjustments I think you should make to your own expectations when traveling with kids in order to make the entire experience a joyful adventure (as travel should be!).

  1. Expect fun, not relaxation. Unless you are bringing a nanny/grandparent/babysitter/etc. with you and you are traveling with little ones, it seems vacations go a little something like this…”Let’s go to the beach!”….kids running in the sand so mama sits on her towel and gets comfy….one kid trips, mama gets up to help and then sits back down…other kid gets salt water in her eyes….mama is back up while daddy plays with the other one…stand up, sit down, fight, fight fight — errr, maybe not the fighting, or maybe there was a squabble between the two littles that involved sand throwing. Either way, what we had on our beach vacation was straight up FUN. We got to watch our two little girls dash around on the beach, covered in sand, jumping through the waves, building castles and experiencing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. What we didn’t have was that relaxing vacation of days gone by where we simply laid there, sipping margaritas. In my opinion, fun trumps relaxation any day.
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