Travel as a Life Lesson

Before I had kids, I use to daydream about the beautiful places we would take them on vacation.  At the time, I wasn't working and Drew had a flexible work schedule, so one month every year in another country, didn't seem all that far fetched. 

A flat in Paris, a villa in Tuscany, an apartment overlooking the Danube, it didn't matter.  My goal was to spend one month living as the locals do, immersing ourselves in their daily life.  I couldn't even conceive of any other method that would deliver that type of educational and life experience to my girls. 

Then came 9/11 and the world changed, and really who am I kidding, then came the kids.  And the change in time zones, and the cost of the four plane tickets, and lugging car seats on the plane, and the lack of sleep that all of this would be accompanied by, and slowly the appeal of traveling to another country with kids, lost some of its lustre.

Although now, the girls are coming to an age where we could probably take them abroad and have a fantastic time.  Ever since Lily heard that I climbed the Eiffel Tower she is obsessed with doing the same, plus throw in the burning desire to don a real French Beret, an image that has haunted her since her friend got one when her parents returned from France, and she will hear of nothing other than Paris.

My eagerness to take the girls to other countries is the belief that traveling is the most fascinating way to learn.  Who wants to lean about Paris from the pages of a text book when you could be sitting in a quaint french cafe in the 6th arrondissement sipping on a latte, wearing a genuine french beret?

Traveling opens your mind and adds layers of sophistication that you could never get any other way.  Nothing else in the world offers what travel offers. 

I am also a firm believer in that sometimes, kids need to miss school to participate in life.  And that participation could come as travel, or spending a day at work with a parent, or let's say going to the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film in Times Square.

So tomorrow night when I should be at the girls parent teacher conferences, I have opted to be in Times Square at the premiere of the latest installment in the Harry Potter series. 

Besides, one could argue that traveling to Times Square, especially when I already work in Times Square, could possibly hold more value than a trip to the 6th arrondissement donning a French Beret.

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