Travel-perfect chia bread





















Realizing how late I am to the party here, I’ll just go ahead and admit something: I’m pretty new to the chia seed game. And on the whole, most of my experiences with it have been, uh, underwhelming.

I’ve stirred together chia pudding a handful of times—mediocre results. I’ve sprinkled them into smoothies—not life-changing. I hear tales of a miraculous creation called chia jam, but ran out of pre-China time before I was able to give it a shot (and chia isn’t exactly a high-demand item here).


















This bread, though? This bread totally rocks, and in more ways than one. It fits, of course, into the vegan and no-sugar added categories, and for those trying to cater to basically any allergy, this stuff does the trick. Gluten-free, tree nut-free, oil-free, soy-free…I have no particular problem with any of the above, but do realize that some readers choose to avoid them for their own reasons. Trust me: this bread is gonna be your best friend.

Get the full recipe for travel-perfect chia bread on Eat Well. Party Hard.



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