TRAVEL: Photos of Fabulous Food (and Shopping) in Cleveland, OH

I can’t even begin to tell you about Cleveland’s a-w-e-s-o-m-e food scene. If West Side Market’s ethnic and fresh food scene is any indication of its excellent food quality, then you’ll be drooling over the delicious dishes shown here.

The Diner on 55th

Prof read about the Diner on 55th in one of our official Cleveland Tour Guides. While it was a bit out of our way from our museum route, we encountered a pleasant experience of a classic throw back of an American 1950s diner. We ordered our favorite hot breakfast foods, classic pancakes, bacon, eggs, and toast combo.

Cleveland Ohio

Once you stepped into this silver chrome building, every detail from the red and white checkered vinyl table covers to the red vinyl, pleather seating made you feel like you were taken back in time. All we needed was a few poodle skirts, some high water black pants, and leather jackets, and we would have fit in with the decor. (We devoured our breakfast, which is why you don’t see our plated food; but trust us, it was delicious.)

Cleveland The Diner on 55th

On our way out, Prof noticed a photograph of the owner’s granddaughter with a Greek last name. True to Prof’s excellent language skills, he struck up a conversation in Greek on the spot. My brain, on the hand, was mush when it comes to languages, and it took about two minutes to process words from a foreign language to English and back. By the time we were in the car, I finally understood some of the Greek being exchanged. One of my few Greek phrases included, “Είμαι από την Αμερική,” which means I am from America. However, I don’t think that really applies when you are living in America. Needless to say, I clutched to my polite smiles and bowing like a Korean to the kind elderly owner, Mr. Dmetrios Anagnostos. What a unique and wonderful spot to taste good ole’ American diner food with a bit of Greek culture thrown in the mix.

Cleveland Ohio

B Spot

Our friends recommended B Spot, a Michael Symon owned restaurant. Who is Michael Symon? I had no idea, but apparently, he’s been on Iron Chef and is a famous chef and restauranteur. The B represents burgers, brats, and beer, which was a perfect representation of the food on the menu.

Cleveland Ohio B Spot burger and relishes kid's menu

We enjoyed a gorgeous day of sun and 60°F weather. Match the weather with our order of burger with a side of fries, and we were in heaven.

Cleveland Ohio B Spot

B Spot offers a free pickle bar, and they offered kimchi! Prof asked if they made kimchi from scratch in the kitchen, but our waiter said that it came from somewhere else. They must have ordered it from a local Korean grocery store nearby or outsourced it from H Mart. I can’t think of anyone else who would be able to make kimchi so well.

Cleveland Ohio B Spot burger and relishes

Our boys ordered from the kids’ menu, and it was nice to see fresh fruit available. I cannot believe how often fruit offered on the kids’ menu meant fruit salad from a can.

Cleveland Ohio B Spot kid's chicken fingers and apples

At the end of the kids’ meals, they each ate a mini chocolate frosted cupcake in a perfectly sized proportion for their little bodies.

Cleveland Ohio B Spot kid's menu cupcake dessert

Tommy’s Restaurant

One our first night in Cleveland, we met up with some friends for dinner at an American restaurant, Tommy’s Restaurant in Cleveland Heights, with a slice of Mediterranean flair. We ordered plenty of dishes with falafel, tahini, hummus, and the like. Unfortunately, it was so good, and we were so caught up with conversation that I forgot to take photos of our huge plates of food. Tommy’s another one of those affordable restaurants that’s been featured on the Food Network a few years ago, which tells you that Cleveland is a foodie’s paradise.

Tommy's menu Cleveland Ohio

LEGO Store in Cleveland, OH

Because the Great Lakes Science Museum’s gift shop sold overpriced LEGOs, we thought the kids could use a museum break with a trip to the mall. We made a quick stop to see what was offered at the LEGO shop at Beachwood Place Mall.

Cleveland Ohio LEGO Store

With a small selection of sale items, we decided to look around the store and let them enjoy some play time.

Cleveland Ohio LEGO StoreCleveland Ohio LEGO StoreCleveland Ohio LEGO StoreCleveland Ohio LEGO Store

Little Italy

We made a final dinner stop to Cleveland’s Little Italy on way back after our camping trip.

Cleveland Ohio

Mama Santa’s in Little Italy

On our last night we dined at Mama Santa’s, another highly recommended spot from our Cleveland buddies. It’s a small restaurant with a rustic interior, but the food had large portions and plenty to share, family style. The staff treated you like you were part of their family too.


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