Travel Your Road .... Find Your Peace!

There is a certain type of beauty in acceptance, an amazing and wonderful feeling that comes over you. It is like beautiful words that touch your heart or a picture you can't get out of your mind. A soft touch that lingers longer than you ever expected it to. That, to me, is the beauty of acceptance. The most wonderful moment you may ever actually have, a truth that isn't seen but fealt. That is what I believe, accepting who you are really feels like. 
Today, after almost 7 years, I finally filed the divorce papers (legally) with my ex. A surreal moment. It is no secret that I have been in love with, what I think is the love of my life, since leaving my ex. Contrary to what most may think, today was amazing! I have had, and always hope to have, a real, honest relationship with my baby Daddy. We have always worked together well, a relationship most may never understand and honestly I could care less if they do. He has, and always will be (in my mind) one of my biggest supporters. I, as well as my children, are lucky to have him.  

This life has never really been easy for me. Not hard, like 3rd world hard, but tough none the less. I have had supporters and I have had supporters, that I thought were supporters. There is a real difference in thinking and having and I am finally (if I could make that any bolder I would) realizing that! 

Spending today with my ex, having a beer after to celebrate ( I know weird, right ) our divorce, was one of those accepting moments, beautiful, touching and real.