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Disclaimer: Yup, I'm involved.

Man, I love the social media, don't you? I love it when you see people like Beth Kanter go all crazy and make change. I love Menu for Hope, a food bloggers initiative that raises money for good causes every year. And now, I love Passports with Purpose, the travelbloggers initiative that's doing the same.

You might know the key players and yeah, I guess I could say I'm one of them. But what's exciting for me is not the attention being involved sends my way, but how many people jumped on board. Little bloggers who said they didn't have the clout. Bloggers for prestigious publications. And all kinds of inbetweeny bloggers. I love to hear what they're saying about why they're involved, why the stepped up to help. (Okay, the attention is a little exciting.)

What if the same people who traveled around the world, could help end hunger? Or stop AIDS? Or promote gender equality? What if, by teaming up with almost 50 other travel blogs, we could raise cash for a program who is doing exactly this kind of work?-- Almost Fearless

Nothing warms my heart faster than true compassion. From little acts of thoughtfulness to grand philanthropic displays, every genuine gesture goes a long way in improving lives. As ethical travelers who not only enjoy and respect various cultures, but also want to share our time, resources, and blessings with locals, finding ways to truly give back can be a challenge.-- Geotraveler's Niche

No matter how light we pack, we almost always carry our privilege with us. Our simple presence in a foreign land is a clear sign that we have the means to get there, and, as often is the case, when we carry camera equipment and backpacks worth hundreds of American dollars, that message is doubled. I struggle with this often -- how do I respectfully witness and document conditions so very different than mine in a way that empowers those I see, or at the very, very least does not take away from their sense of personal grace and humanity?-- Open Page, Open Road

Looks like the holiday season is in full throttle now, with everyone focusing on shopping, planning, and organizing their Christmas holidays. Sometimes with all the holiday hype, it's hard to remember that a large percentage of the world can barely put food on their table, let alone buy extravagent presents and travel long distances to gather with family and friends.--Write to Travel

There's nothing like travel to open up your eyes, and your soul, to those less fortunate than us, and I'm constantly looking for a way to make the world a better place. Won't you join me? Liz, Tobi, Lukas, and Alex's Adventures

Everywhere I look in the travelblogs today, I see this:  A sense of honor and gratitude at the privilege of travel and a sense of responsibly towards the world, towards the less fortunate places we've been able to visit. It blows me away to read why more than 50 bloggers stepped up to participate with a mere three and a half weeks notice and how generous they were. When people ask "Why travel?" I find myself flustered. Mostly, I think the answer is "Why not?" But when I see what change travel brings to people, how it opens their hearts, I can think of no better reason. Travel makes us better people. When you look at the travelsphere today, there can be no doubt.

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