Traveling - Holiday or Not - Incontinence need not be a show stopper!

I love holidays where there’s nothing much to do except relax at home.  But every so often, I love leaving home behind, so I can experience wonderful places and my friends and family around the world.  In fact, anyone who knows me thinks that I’m never home, although that’s not exactly true.  What is true, is that I love the entire adventure, including the part most people dread - the actual travel portion. I really enjoy air flight, appreciate all the technology that keeps us in the air (I still think it’s magical) and the beauty of the skies.

 photo ElaineClouds_zps17a33007.png Beautiful Sunset

YES, I love to travel, and I like to stay at home too. In either case, whether or not I stay home is a choice I make and not self-imposed isolation, based on the concern that I may be too far from a bathroom for my own comfort, or stuck in my seat due to turbulence. 

But these are very real concerns for a lot of women who, like me, have a sensitive bladder. Having a sensitive bladder is a fact of life for more than 40 million American women of all ages who experience bladder leaks when they’re dancing, laughing, exercising or just going about their daily lives. A sensitive bladder affects one in every three women ages 18 to 75. In women over 40, it affects more than 40 percent. We are definitely not alone!

According to a global survey by Always Discreet and published in the June 24, 2014 online edition of the British Journal of Urology International, over a third of women say that their sensitive bladder impacts their ability to travel. Many also say they are worried that they may smell from their bladder leaks (69%) and that they are careful about how much they drink (30%). Limiting fluids while traveling when it’s critical to stay hydrated to help stay healthy, can negatively influence wellbeing and mood.

No one should let their concerns about leaks keep them in self-imposed isolation when they really want to be out and about in the skies traveling to an exciting destination or just hanging with friends down the block. There’s a really helpful article on the Always Discreet website that breaks through some of the myths about urinary incontinence, and it includes helpful tips to remove some of the barriers that may be stopping you from socializing and enjoying the world. Pay special attention to myths 3, 4 and 5:

While on the site, check out the information by the Always Discreet Experts:  Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Positive Aging Expert; Dr. Marla Shapiro, Medical Expert; and Valerie Waters, Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer.  They also answer questions about sensitive bladder concerns, so ask away.  If you are using liners, pads or disposable underwear or just want to give them a try, you can also request free samples and coupons. 

When I think of getting out, feeling free, traveling and just hanging, I think of the old driving songs from my youth when we had no particular place to go.  Listening to them makes me feel like I am decades younger, have no travel issues and can enjoy life with my latest crush of the week without worry.  Although, the lyrics now have very different implications to those of us with sensitive bladders, like that one with the girl whose seatbelt gets stuck and she can’t get out of the car!

Now that the years have passed, the scenario in my head has also changed somewhat. The crush is my husband, the car is his snazzy new Stingray and I know that he would be able to get me out of a stuck seatbelt. While I may be thinking of bathroom stops, at times, I am not letting it impede my joy of the moment. Here’s hoping the same for you. 


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