Trayvon Martin's Death and My Children's Future

This is Samuel

This is Aram

Samuel and Aram are brothers

They love each other

They act the same

They play the same

They find the same things funny

They are being raised in the same environment

They have the same family, who love them both dearly

But one of the boys will get treated differently by society

Judgements will be passed

People may ignore him

People may harass him

People may be afraid of him

People may want to hurt him

All because he has a little more melanin in his skin than his brother.

Something so silly as an biological function, to protect our skin from the sun, has culturally turned into pure evil.

Race is non-existent. Racism is very real.

My dilemma is explaining this to my children. It is so important to address it, even at this young age.

Clearly, there should be age-appropriate verbiage and examples used, but truth is truth no matter how sugar coated it gets, and it’s ugly.

There is no way to explain my children who see Trayvon Matrin’s face flashing on every news station, newspaper headline, and coffee table conversation- that a boy, just like them, buying iced tea and Skittles, was shot and killed by a paranoid racist man.

Why? Because he was in an gated community and had the “wrong” color skin for the area.

And how do I tell my children that this man, unquestionably a danger to society, is free walking the streets right now?

So many things wrong with this story- The racist and murderous actions of the “neighborhood watch person,” the potential racist non-action of local law enforcement, and the people using his death for political or personal gain.

What is vital for our children’s future, is that they understand justice will be served regardless of what skin color they have. The comfort of being raised up and protected in a community is life-changing, and will affect the entire country (whatever your epidermal hue) positively.

Let’s hope  and pray the prosecutors (who have convened a grand jury for April 10) have the same objective when they seek justice for Trayvon Martin.



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