Treating Your Spouse Like Royalty

My husband, Scott, and I are coming up on our seventh wedding anniversary this May and next week will be the tenth anniversary of the first time we met. I've been reflecting on our relationship for the past few days, because let's face it, knowing someone for ten years is a long time.

A friend of mine reposted a status that someone put up the other day and it got me to thinking about marriage, relationships and gender roles within both of those. The status update talked about how this man treats his wife like a queen, because that's what women should be treated like. Not five minutes after seeing that status I saw this photo:

Now, I'll be the first to admit, I've spoken ill of my husband on more than one occasion, calling it 'venting'.  I guarantee he's done the same. However, that picture got me to thinking about how we as women demand respect. We do not want to be called bitches or anything else derogatory by our husbands, but can we say the same about what we call our husbands? Do we treat our husbands like kings? I know that sounds a little silly, but so does being called a queen.

I guess what it all comes down to is your relationship and how you and your spouse interact will influence how your children interact with their spouse in the future. If you spew profanities at your spouse and talk about them to other people in a condescending way, they will probably do something similar, or begin to believe that about their parent.

Do you notice similarities between how you interact with your spouse to how your parents interacted?


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