Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Scrub: Like a Spa in Your Shower

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I have a not-so-secret love of exfoliating scrubs; I use them on my hands and face and body. And yes, I have a different scrub for each of those parts, because not all skin is created equal. Body scrubs are the hardest to find, I think, because while the basic formula is so simple (something grainy + something moisturizing) it can be difficult to get the right balance.

Tree Hut's Brazilian Nut scrub is more than just right -- it is absolutely perfect. Really and truly.

Tree Hut Brazilian Nut ScrubI love this scrub for two reasons; the first is that while it is appropriately moisturizing, it's not overly greasy. The balance of Shea and sugar is perfect, and it doesn't leave an oily mess on your skin or in the shower. But even better, this particular scrub smells like chocolate, and I can't imagine anything nicer than buffing my skin smooth while soaking in the smell of cocoa.

The scent doesn't linger, though, which is great if you're using this as part of your morning shower. But if you really want to spend the day basking in the chocolatey goodness, follow up your scrub with Tree Hut's Brazilian Nut lotion.

Tree Hut's products all use certified organic Shea as a base ingredient, which makes them super moisturizing without being greasy or sticky. You can find Tree Hut scrubs and lotions at Ulta and WalMart, of all places; the scrub is $8.00 for 18 ounces.

So much cheaper than a spa! And just as relaxing and delicious.

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