Tree Stump In My Living Room

Today I was in a lot of emotional pain because I tried to strap Ariel in her car seat and the straps were to short. i have so much trouble with these car seats. I have trouble installing them in the car, it's always lopsided or loose and I have to ask someone for help. Then I have one car seat with a complicated buckle that's like a puzzle piece. It took me a month to figure that shit out. Now I'm trying to adjust the damn straps but I can't, so I'm thinking well maybe she's too tall for the car seat and I got overwhelmed. When I strapped her in it looked like she was wearing a straightjacket. I got this deer in the headlights feeling like what do I do? Just stand here and look stupid I guess. there's an old expression Getting Stuck On Stupid, It's pretty self explanatory. I just freeze and don't know how to take care of something simple. I then had this memory. My mother brought home a giant tree stump one day and put in the middle of the living room. She said she was going to make a coffee table out of it. I thought that was pretty creative but a year went by and still no table. People started to ask why there was a tree stump in the middle of the living room. Two years went by which turned into ten. When my family moved to a house in the suburbs the tree stump came with us. It sat right in the new living room until one day the house caught on fire and the tree stump went up in flames. I don't want Ari to grow up with a tree stump in the middle of the living room or a car seat that's too small or a mushroom growing out of the   


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