Trending New Workouts

Are you sick and tired of working out on the treadmill or the elliptical? You’ve tried bringing a book or watching TV, but the time still seems like it is slowing going by. We are right there with you!


Group exercise classes are huge these days, because of the engaging aspects they bring to your workout. You not only try new moves that you may never of thought of to incorporate, but also having a teacher instructing you, helps motivate you to keep going. Switch up your workout schedule so you don’t keep feel you are being repetitive. If you are doing the same workout everyday you are less likely to see significant results then if you were trying out new classes and splitting up your cardio time with weight training.

 Barre Class

We’ve all heard people say if you’re bored, “Take Zumba!” Yes, Zumba is another excellent way to switch up your routine, but incorporate new classes to experience something new. 


Here are a couple new trending classes that are great for fat burning and sculpting so that you come out with great results. If these classes are not available at your personal gym look on the Internet for other gyms in your area that provide them. Gyms usually provide some kind of pass that will allow you to try what their facility has to offer.


Tabata Training

Tabata training is a high intensity interval workout that incorporates cardio and strength techniques. Research shows that interval training burns a significant amount more of calories compared to a steady cardio workout. Each Tabata workout lasts for 4 minutes. Within those 4 minutes you train intensely for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat 8 rounds. The miniature workouts include pushup, squats, lungs, rows, and sit ups. Obviously depending on your instructor you will be doing different routines. Weights are incorporates as well as a new piece of equipment…well new to us…called a Viper. A viper is a long cylinder type log that you hold to engage your different muscle groups. It replaces your regular dumbbells or if your feeling up for a challenge you can place your dumbbells in the slots that they have available for certain exercises.


Barre Classes



Barre classes are becoming extremely popular for the benefits it has on sculpting and strengthening your muscles. For lovers of dance and yoga/Pilates these classes will be perfect for you. They use short and quick isometric movements to engage and lengthen your muscles as well as using different pieces of equipment to aid you in your workout. Holding your movements and then lengthening your muscles afterwards can have rewarding results when trying to tone your body.



Kettlebell Workout


A kettlebell is a popular piece of equipment that helps build strength and endurance. The different movements made with the kettlebell engages several of your muscles at the same time like your lower back, legs, and shoulders. It involves high repetitions and short breaks, which makes it a high intensity interval type of training.  The other benefits are a greater mobility, strength, and range of motion. We suggest you go to a kettlebell class first before you venture on your own, because if you don’t properly train with a kettlebell you can end up hurting yourself. We certainly don’t want that!



Soul Cycle


This trendy cycle class has people raving about how much fun they are having while spinning in a club like environment. Your spin room is a fast pace exercise with booming music to keep you going. While your cycling, you are incorporating different arm movements like hammer curls, shoulder presses, and hand bands above your bike to do other movements. This is yet another great workout where you are getting in your cardio, but also adding in strength movements. You are blasting calories while having a blast.


We hope you give some of these great workouts a try! XOXO~ T2B



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