Trendwatch in Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition

Plant-based or Paleo? Mindfulness vs. Meditation. Cannabis for Chronic Fatigue. And so much more. The health & wellness space is constantly evolving, as new discoveries are made, as regulations and laws change, and as social mores shift. If you’re writing about health, wellness, food, fitness, or simply how to lead a more balanced life across all these dimensions, this panel will give you insight into the latest trends that experts in these fields are tracking, and the different styles of helping your audience integrate these trends into their lives.

Attendees will learn:

  • The latest trends that are intriguing a variety of experts in the health and wellness field
  • How to vet sources for new scientific information
  • How to be a positive motivator for your audience
  • The different styles of goal-setting and achievement that your audience likely adopts and how to craft content for these styles


Catherine Enny, Founder of Guerrilla Management

Ashley Koff RD, Dietitian, nutrition advocate, and author

Ananda Leekeauthor, digital strategist, yoga and reiki teacher

Tanya Steel, James Beard Award-winning author and Editorial Director of Clean Plates

Latham Thomas, wellness maven, doula and founder of Mama Glow