Treuthful Thursday

Sometimes if I work out at night I don't shower after if I'm planning to work out the next morning. My reasoning says it would be a waste of water and effort just to get sweaty all over again. Your reasoning probably says Gross! Don't worry, I only do this if I'm not going to see anyone (besides husb...he gets the best and worst) in between workouts so I don't smell off all of my friends.


I'm writing this post at the gym

on the elliptical. Wearing my twosizestoosmall youth large race shirt (yes, I regret that decision). Productive use of time? Yes. Productive workout? Doubt it. 


Coldplay is the only music coming out of those headphones. Nuff said. 


Yesterday, Jess featured Becky's awesome testimony of God's healing power. Jess and Becky are two of our awesome women's ministry leaders at church.


My blogger bff and I have a little project in the works and I am so excited about it. Stay tuned for the fun. 


I've been connecting with my inner hippy a lot lately. More recently I've been using an all-natural homemade deodorant. That I made at home. All naturally. And with the exception of a few really hot days and a couple showerless after-workouts, the stuff works like a charm. 

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