TRIAl and error


In the middle of the night I was sitting on my window and started to wonder of the things affecting on my being.It somthing bother my concience,and it does reflect my illusions quietly.

Ill turned my mined with glued imagination,having my thoughts hangging in the air,,,,i know something is wrong,...big ...big...wrong,ill ask' should i bear this with out even asking for anything?...that night was trumbled with cloudly skies, pushing the stars away from the moonlight rays.Disurupting the light of the moon that sparkle the entired ground, and the rain start to fell down but still my illusion confused me.

Seekingrefuge to my intuition,what ill felt my eyes started to cry without regret,i can speak clearly but my heart still calm like the sound of pigeon flying in the sky. I can see that im not happy withall the things that suround me,...the things that ill discover and learn watching the news and surfing to the internet ,...why is that?...probably because ill chased my imaginations but still commin back and stick to my mind,


Ill look at the skies pretending that i did not cry.Asking  to stop the rain so i can say goodbye.But it not hear me,...crying on the stars is a perfect moment ,..i can tell all i want reaveal what i am keeping inside me,....then i can see the light of expectations i can bear the roaring sound og the winds that struck my face.

without the stars ,...and the moon its my weakness, my that your near me i can feel that this is not the trial and error....just a confusion.



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