The trials of the truck and Beef Wellington

I made a wonderful meal for my fiance last night. He had been working so hard on getting the truck fixed that broke down on me and he was so sore. i had planned to make a nice romantic meal when he had originally planned on coming back which was Friday but as fate would have it, he came down Thursday night. He worked practically all day Friday and the problem was still there so we went to the auto parts store and got some other parts that he already had suspected was the problem and boom, Saturday he replaced more parts and now, the truck is fixed. So I made him a nice Beef Wellington with Duxelle and Crimini and asparagus sautee and fingerling potatoes with aioli. He was in heaven. He told me that he loves that I can cook such lovely meals. My talent is my cooking. He has always been the heavy in every relationship he has had, literally, because they all didn't know how to cook. Anyone can make boxed mac and cheese or hamburger helper but real home cooking from scratch, That is what he treasures out of me. I have a few canned beef-a-roni's and ravioli's but that is when he is home with kids alone and needs a quick fix for them or if we are running super late to something and there isn't time to make something. That is what those types of meals we're intended for in the first place, as a quick solution during those tight moments and not as go to meals for everyday like some people. I generally buy like 3 or 4 cans and guess what? They usually last for a few weeks.

I also enjoy comfort classics like meatloaf and chicken enchiladas with rice and beans so it isn't always gourmet fare here but I will say this, His son is going to develope quite the palette because he always eats all I make. There are those moments when I may make something like a garden tatin and he is like, ewwww, but the rule is, you try everything because it is important to always give a dish a shot.

So, the weekend has been a great weekend. We have been like teenagers all over again all googoo eyed and lovey dovey. I needed it after what I have been goign through with my mom's birthday and his mother being the way she is. He tells me that his mom is his mom and although he may know how she is and can be, she is his mom but he will always stand by me. I can't ask for anything more, at least he recognizes what I go through.

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