The Triathlete Experience - No Bra?

In preparation for the triathlon this weekend, I decided I'd better practice my transition from pool to running.  My original plan had been to just swim a leisurly mile this morning and take it easy, but last night, when all good brilliant energetic ideas are formed, I decided maybe I ought to try running home afterwards so that I could practice my transition and clothing plan.

I admit that I am having fun pretend fretting about these small things and I know these things are very important for real time-conscious racers, but for me don't make a difference.

Though, getting the clothes right for the climate is a challenge. 

I really am mentally ready and clothing ready for a race that is between 30-50 degrees.  And even if the air temp is 60 or 70, the cold breeze temp really brings it back down to a 50.   I really don't know how to stay warm, but not cold if the air temp is warmer.

I got out of the pool thinking I'd throw my smart wool shirt over my bathing suit and just run out, using my swim shorts to run in.  But once in the locker room, I wondered about that idea.  My swim shorts are a different fabric and might chafe.  But, of course, then I would find out!  But then I realized my swim shorts were very wet, and though they are quick-drying, it was not hot nor sunny out and I thought my butt would just get cold.

So I took off my swim shorts and put on my running shorts and took off.

I thought my swimsuit might provide ample snug for the run without my running bra.  It provides some snug, but there was a bit of bounce that was distracting.  As I set off (which is when I'm most suggestible to any possible problem) I found myself contemplating all the potential problems that could come up from this free form running.

And then I got a bit lost in my head on some other thought and didn't notice any longer.

At one mile, my new app on my iphone announced I'd gone a mile and told me it was 11 minutes and 52 seconds.  Wowey -zowey!  This is my first mile pace getting out of the pool?  I was quite pleased.  My body felt good.  My breathing was fine (ish).  I wasn't feeling "the love" but I was capable of going further.

And then my swim partner drove by and I hitched a ride the rest of the way home!

I had decided earlier that I might not run the entire way and I feel okay about that decision.  I wanted to test out the clothing scene and I wanted a little run, but I didn't have any desire to stress out my stiff achy ankles.

And what I learned?

I'm going to remove my bathing suit after the swim, don dry underwear, dry shorts, jogging bra and either a smartwool long sleeved shirt or a t-shirt depending on the clouds.  My butt got pretty icy cold.  It would have been okay, but I think the weather here is so tempermental and my overall body will just be happier if it doesn't have to deal with regulating my body temperatures while dressed in a wet bathing suit.

I'm also going to bring a piece of gum for a nice fresh taste in my mouth as I take off out of the pool.

Oh so exciting....two more days.  It hurts my stomach to actually think about it!   And makes me excited.  And nervous.  And now off to eat my boring as all get out oatmeal breakfast.



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