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Part of the joy of Halloween is seeing the costumes that parade by your front door when you pass out candy.  Just as we've perfected the virtual party via Twitter, there's no reason why we can't use a blog post to march up to each other's figurative door and show off our costume. After all, this is social media. So consider this open thread one big Halloween party with B.Y.O.A.B. (bring your own apple bobbing).

I'll kick it off with my costume for tonight, courtesy of another blogger.  Allison at A Good Mother made me into the Fox!


I looked for a fox costume for a while, figuring it would (1) be a hit with the 8-year-olds I'm trick-or-treating with this year and (2) it would be warm while walking around at night (as opposed to my Wednesday Addams costume which is cooooooold when the air blows up my dress).  But I couldn't find one, and ended up purchasing a horse head for $2.  I'd just go as the horse who speaks to the fox in mor-or-or-or-orse.

But then a fellow blogger took pity on me and put her crocheting skills to work.  This is the power of blogging: you not only make lifelong friendships but those friends save your bum when you need a Halloween costume.

So thank you Allison at A Good Mother!

Now tell us what you're wearing for Halloween.  Since we can't post images in the comment thread, make sure you post a picture on your website or tweet the image and then leave the link below so we can all check out what you're wearing.  And tell us if your costume has a good story to boot

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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