The Trickle-Down Effect

My office is on the 3rd floor of one of the oldest parts of the
hospital complex. On the 6th floor this morning, some electrical
contractors futzing with stuff in the ceiling accidentally set off a
sprinkler. I was gone from my desk for about 5 minutes, and when I came
back my officemate was frantically throwing binders into the hall and
covering everything with garbage bags. KP was frantic; her scrubs were
soaked and her hair was wet. It was not just seeping, it was running through the ceiling in about eight different places.

It was actually kind of cool.

We corralled the friends in the office suite and started passing
things out into the hall - binders, picture frames, anything that
wouldn’t fit in our cabinets. I was standing on my desk pulling boxes
down from the shelves. We covered the computers and phones and printer
with the garbage bags and started spreading bags on the floor to keep
the carpet from soaking it all up. In about ten minutes, the ceiling
tiles on one side of the office looked about ready to cave in, and the
drips were moving across the room toward the wall to another office.
Soon everything was running down onto the file cabinet and we moved
into the next office, hauling things out and garbage-bagging the rest.

“What the heck happened?” everyone asked.

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